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Technical description and colours

Technical description

The stable manure collector 1 according to this design consists of a frame 2 with sidewalls and a bottom 9, which together form a collection space of about 110 cm in width (see Fig. 1). The picking blade 3 is fastened to the front crossmember 7 by means of screws, its shape and angle provide sufficient dynamic impact to the collected matter when moving the device. With the lifting mechanisms 4 and 4', the support wheels 5 and 5' can be extended and the level of the picking blade 3 can be adjusted to the required height. The device is connected to a towing vehicle by a tow bar 6, which is fitted with a towing attachment 8 in the front. In order to obtain the optimum position of the tow bar 6 between the vehicle and the frame 2, the device is provided with holes for connecting the bar at several height levels. The weight of the device is 45 kg.

Technical description

Colour design

Colour design of the collector - the device is offered in three RAL colours as standard. On request, different RAL colour designs are available at an extra charge of € 50. The colour and delivery date need to be discussed and agreed by phone.

Red color RAL 2004 Green color RAL 6018 Dark green color RAL 6033